Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our third Sunday in Perth

I met my friend Rachel at 7:15 this morning for my second attempt at a 20-miler.  Rachel was kind enough to agree to run 8 of it with me.  We did the hilly river trail, which then evens out to a nice flat trail along the river.  We had an amazing view of Perth with the sun coming up.  Stunning!

So I managed to do the 20, in spite of the hills.  I uncovered some new areas, and strangely enough, happened across the youth hostel I stayed in when in Perth as a college student 20 years ago!

Two interesting things of note from this run - one, there is a crazy amount of wealth!  The houses along the river were gi-normous!  And two, I had the coolest toilet experience ever!  This futuristic metal box has these buttons on the outside that glow indicating if it's open or not.  You hit the button to enter and the door slides open.  You step in, and a voice welcomes you and lets you know that you have 10 minutes to use the toilet, and that when you are done, the toilet will flush when the sensor recognizes you are washing your hands.  Then the voice turns off, and classical music comes from the speakers.  I am seriously planning a family excursion there soon.

When I got back to the house, Corey and the kids were at the park.  I took a shower and packed some stuff for the beach with the intent of meeting them to enjoy the sunshine and hang out in Fremantle until the welcome mass at ND at 6.  As I left, they were all on their way back.  So we had lunch and headed out around 2:30.

We went to South Beach to look for starfish, however it was quite a bit chillier with more clouds and wind by this point.  Corey stopped and picked up some 'gourmet burgers' from Missy Moos to eat on the beach and we had a little picnic.  Then we headed to the welcome mass at 6pm.  Kids were spent and last bus was at 6:55, so we left early.

Caden is the amazing photographer of these photos.

 Half way home on the bus, Corey realized he left his computer bag so he bolted off the bus and ran back.  The kids and I rushed home for a bath before bed.  First full week of school this week!

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