Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first run in Perth this morning. Was lost for a mile in the pouring rain, then thankfully ran into an elderly man at a bus stop.  The streets are frequently interrupted by parks or athletic clubs.  It was great though.  So many new sites to take in.

We had our first official play date with my friend Penelope I used to work with at Princess Margaret Hospital 15 years ago and her two kids James (8) and Katie (5).  So wonderful to catch up!  They were so sweet to indulge us with a cultural exchange, bringing sausage rolls from a bakery by their house, Vegemite, cricket, and footy.  The kids did not have a taste for the Vegemite sandwich, but this was one of my better samples.  Slabs of butter and a thin spread is the key!  We now have own stash for any future play dates, as the Australian kids eat this at least once a day.  We shared with them their first ever PBJ.  They did like ours.

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