Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday afternoon

I went for a run on my own this morning, and ran into the city of Fremantle.  It was a lovely run punctuated by finding a $10 'note' on the road.

We took the bus into Mass this morning at St. Patrick's Basilica.  Very nice church and nice Mass.  They have beautiful stained glassed windows angled just so to cascade a warm light across the congregation and alter.  Gia slept the whole mass, thankfully, as she has a touch of a cold.

After mass, we enjoyed another play set with the spider web, before heading to lunch.  A touch chillier this morning, so all of my fingers and toes were white and numb with Raynaud's syndrome before we found a place to eat.  Lily was craving a cheeseburger, so we took her to Hungry Jacks, which = Burger King.  Then we stopped into Fremantle Markets for Corey and I to have those delicious Chijuaua tacos we had last weekend.

Next we went to a Spanish chocolate cafe for chorizos (*edit here by Corey -- they are churos, not chorizos.  Chorizo is a very popular spicy sausage that is a staple of BBQ's here.  I wish the churos were chorizo, but that's another story) and warm chocolate dipping sauce for the kids, Aztec hot chocolate for me (touch of pepper added) and milkshake for Corey.  Note: Caden is the photographer of record on the below pics.

Despite the temp only being 61, the kids really wanted to head to the beach again to look for starfish - Gia had to wear her goggles too. We went to a closer beach than the one with the starfish of yesterday, but they enjoyed themselves none-the-less, donning their swimsuits and all.  This beach had a great collection of beach glass.  Funny how they each seem to have their specialties.

Next we walked the pier, picked up some fish and chips to go, and went to the main play set by the carousel.  Perfect day.  All bathed and in jammies, looking forward to visiting their school tomorrow for their last day before school starts for good!

Love to all!

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