Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tea, Lorikeets and the finest shell jewelry in the land

Getting to school is getting easier.  Corey walks his bike with a kid perched on the seat, and I push the running stroller with one kid in the seat and the other just above the wheel.  The hill we walk is INTENSE!  I swear I am at a 90 degree angle from the stroller pushing it with all my might.  I console myself with the fact that is surely must be a good workout.  A definite highlight is this bird nest of the Lorikeet.  These birds are stunning and are as present as robins.
My picture from afar.
A pic from Google to show you the Lorikeet in all its glory.
Today at drop-off a parent came up and introduced himself to me, saying he was the father of a little girl named Hope in Lily's class.  He said Hope was a bit nervous to ask, but was hoping Lily might come over for a play date.  Not sure how he recognized me, as I was no where near Lily's classroom, but I suppose I must look like an American.  I told him I am sure Lily would love to come over and then inquired where they lived.  He said South Fremantle, so they would just pick her up.  Not sure how to handle this, but without a car, we cannot drive her, and since I don't really know them, I am hoping they will let Hope come our way instead.  

At Caden's class, we set by his little BFF Gerogia before school started and had a chance to meet her mother.  I let her know that Georgia and Caden would be raising their children in Indiana :) Which, speaking of kids, Caden asked me to show him how I did some craft-thing the other day so he could do it with his kids someday!?!?

Anyway, school continues be going great for both of them!  Descriptions used thus far are that "we feel like the principal" and, "it feels like we are famous".  Ha!  

So Gia and I walked back home with our neighbor Emma and her little girl Daisy.  As we were talking about her renovation underway, she invited me to have some "tea" and have a look.  I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by tea, but welcomed the opportunity to visit with someone older than 7 during the day (no offense to my posse!).  

Emma's house is right at the stage of chaos before greatness.  The walls were being demolished and much of the floor was cement, but WOW!  The house is going to be incredible!  She pinky swore it would be done before we leave so that we can join in on the house warming party.  Gia and her little girl Daisy hit it off.  As the construction noise reached decibels where conversation was no longer possible, the girls would giggle and cover their ears :)  And the painting of daisies above Daisy's head is pure coincidence!

We stayed until about 11, and then headed home.  The sun was out, so Gia and I sat out on our back porch and read.  Gia fell asleep after awhile and we enjoyed a really restful afternoon.

We picked up Lily and Caden at 2, snacks in hand, and walked into Freo to get the rest of our materials needed for our anteater costume and pick up a few groceries.  Corey met us to run the errands too.  He took his bike home to get tacos started (Indiana tacos was Caden's request to differentate the Indian naan) and the kids and took the bus.  It was our first time on the connected bus, where there was a partially rotating middle to enable both bus cars to make the sharp city turns.  The kids were thrilled!  I kept thinking about their great bus knowledge at such an early age, unlike my first bus trip in college where I found myself traveling back and fort to the commuter lot before getting kicked off instead of being taken to my dorm.
The kids spent the evening making necklaces out of their shell collection to display in their store.  And in case you are wondering, yes, we do ship to the U.S.

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