Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Took some coaxing to get Lily into school today.  We weren't sure if she had a legitimate tummy ache or some anxiety about the reading that the class was planning on for the day.  Corey eventually convinced her to go in, but we hung around for a bit to make sure all was OK.  This gave us a chance to catch Caden's recess in action and blow some bubbles.

Gia and I headed off to find the Office Works store to get the kids required school supplies.

We set off down the hill as instructed and were thrilled to come across the Fremantle Arts Centre that had a bunch of kids Gia's age milling about.  Turns out every Wednesday at 9:30am they have the 'Fun Bus' come to the Art Centre and set up mats all about the grounds with different activity centers.  Quite a social hour for the 'mum's' too.

We stopped at bike shop next for me to pick up some 'fuel' for the 30K (20 miler) I have scheduled tomorrow morning with Rom and Rachel.  Despite a stop at the 'toilet' at the Art Museum, Gia wanted to go potty at the bike shop.  If you envision the big warehouse with some burly tattooed staff, you can imagine the state of the toilet.  It ended up being a false alarm.

We could not find the office supply store, and realized we went a few blocks too far, needing to head back the direction we came, but on the parallel road '_'  We ventured in and I immediately asked for help deciphering the list of items to get.  The words used to describe things are quite different.  While we meandered the aisles, Gia announced as only a 2-year old can at a practical scream, that she has to poo - and afterwards that her bottom made a 'baby poo'.

Within 15 minutes of returning to the store, Gia announced she had to poo again - and shortly thereafter, that she had pooed in her pants, as she held up her finger to prove to me that it was indeed true and confirmed by touch.  Ugh!  Back we went to the toilet, washed out her clothes, paid, and left as quickly as possible.  She was asleep within minutes, tucked into a little ball so that her little dress covered her up, thank goodness.

Next stop was a cute little resell shop I discovered the day before where I netted a baby doll to replace the one still traveling with United Airlines for $4.  I picked up some leggings for my naked girl and met Corey and our cohort of ND students for fish and chips down at the wharf.  Afterwards Corey and I grabbed a coffee at this great little coffee shop that is also an art gallery and art studio.    

Gia still asleep, I began meandering back towards the school.  There was a parent meeting at 2:30 on reading with your 'pre-primary' student, so I planned to arrive an hour or so early to let Gia play a bit. My casual walk turned into a half sprint when a call came in from the school that Caden fell and was shooken up due to his teeth going into his lip.  They said he was fine, but wanted me to pick him up.  It took me about 10 minutes to get there, and the poor little thing looked so pathetic.  He tripped running up the cement stairs and smashed his lip into the stairs.  We left and milled about at the play area of the school for a bit waiting for Lily to finish at 3.

Once we had Lily we went to our spider web play set on the school campus to enjoy an after school snack.  Within 30 minutes of this, I was rushing Caden to the toilets for vomiting.  After being sick for nearly 10-minutes straight, I piled he and Gia into the stroller and Lily and I ran them down the hill, then struggled up the hill to home.  Of course we had to pause and admire one of the many lemon trees on our block, while I explained one more time why we couldn't steal some until they had fallen on our side of the fence.  But really, can any one family consume this many lemons?!?

By the time we got home, Caden seemed great and wanted to play in the backyard.  We did this for a bit, before Gia needed to potty one more time.  This one required a shower '_'  Corey has a dinner late tonight, so my early run tomorrow is the only thing standing between me and multiple glasses of wine.
Just finished reading with the kids in my bed and all 3 fast asleep - I am calling 'uncle' and soon to follow.

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