Thursday, August 01, 2013

Bus Angst

Thursday was a typical day in that Gia and I managed to find a little time for coffee and play sets, before heading home for lunch and reading.  We made truffles (espresso and sea salt) to take to dinner at the ND Port Lodge student dinner.  We headed in by bus, per our usual routine.  Caden insisted that he bring along his footy to teach the ND students how to play.  So fun to have him fully interested in a sport.  Too bad when he gets back to South Bend, no one will have any ideas what he's going on about!
Caden with his footy and his sister.

We had a great meal prepared by our South Bend ND students. They all live in the same 'house' together with rooms that are about the size of a ship galley. The students appointed as head chefs for the night prepared Chicken ka-bobs, which the kids insisted we get the recipe for, and banana cream pudding served over a TimTam crust!  Corey needed to stay back for a meeting, so the kids and I set off at 7:30 (their bedtime) for home.

Upon arrival at the bus station we saw our bus, the 501, was due to depart at 7:55 (it was 7:50) - and the next bus, the 502 would depart one minute later.  We saw the 501 'queued up'.  When our bus bay filled up, the kids rushed on.  It wasn't until we were all 4 settled in, or rather crammed into our seat, that I realized the direction we were heading through the dark Freo streets was unfamiliar.  At our first stop I approached the bus driver, and sure enough, we were on the 502!  A sense of panic set in.  The kids were exhausted, with any of the 3 gladly willing to sleep on my shoulder.  Corey does not have a cell, so I was at the mercy of the bus.

The driver insisted there were no good places to catch a cab home, so we spent 40 minutes on the bus to get to a station where we could hop on the 501 and head back.  I was so hoping we would still beat Corey home, not wanting him to panic, arriving at dark house when his family should arrived, but alas, we did not.  He called in a panic.  He tracked our bus ride back towards home and met us a little after 9 at the stop by our house.  Such a helpless feeling!  Kids in bed at 9:30 on a school night.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

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