Monday, July 22, 2013

School starts tomorrow!!!

Poor Lily has unfortunately been down all day with the flu bug.  Corey stayed home and Caden and I walked up to their school to finalize both he and Lily's registration and pick up their uniforms.  A pretty quiet day, other than a quick play at the Pre-Primay (equivalent to our kindergarten) play area, after peaking in the classrooms.
'Go Forward' is a big Australian theme.  The Emu and Kangaroo are prominent on the Australian flag, as neither animal can travel backwards, only forwards.  

My new favorite swing.
Cade and I enjoying a swing...

Our view.  Can you believe that sky?!?

One of the great Pre-Primary play set contraptions.

The two Pre-Primary classrooms.  The front area of the classes, including the hooks, are all outdoors.

Mastering the monkey bars.

Too cute for words!
Caden in shorts, Lily a pleated wrap-around skirt.

Two long-sleeve polo shirts = $40, two jumpers (jackets) =$44, two required sun hats = $30, kids in matching blue East Fremantle Primary outfits = priceless :)

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