Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 9 - Mykonos

Our last morning on the boat.  Sad to not have this be my start to the day tomorrow '_'

We took a few family farewell photos.  Funny we did not think to do a family shot at all the week before.  Making up for it now :)

We gave our farewell hugs to Chris and Helen, and were off.

Next stop - Mykonos 5.  Crazy drive through time with narrow roads and no seeming observation of traffic rules.  Well worth it when we were greeted with our welcome drinks at our beautiful hotel overlooking the sea.

Our room was just as you would imagine an inside of a white house in Greece to look.

The pool was right outside our door.

We took a shuttle into town, and did not manage to take any photos.  Strange for me :)  On the way back we made some American friends from Baltimore with two kids the same age as Gia and Caden.  I snapped this photo from our door so as to not disturb the serious UNO game happening on the lounge.  They really hit it off well, so we ended up going into town together for a 9:30 PM dinner.

Waiting for the shuttle...

Caden and Sebastian chatting like adults.  They discussed the solar system and sustainability issues.  No joke.  Caden still keeps sharing little nuggets of their conversation with me.

Likewise with Gia and Clara - although their conversation was more around how awesome Cara and Sebastian's private school is in Baltimore - including stables with horseback riding.  Poor Lily crashed hard, putting her little head right on the table :)

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