Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 17 - Heading home...almost.

Relaxing morning before heading off to the airport.  The flight to Stockholm was easy with our little travelers.

Once in Stockholm we found a great restaurant with pot stickers.  We ended up doing two orders and refused to get the kids a third.  

One of the interesting teas we drank

We found out after getting through the final security check that we had a two-hour delay, which turned into a cancelled flight for mechanical reasons.  We were given food vouchers for the airport and booked into a Clarion hotel, which we were dubious about...

Despite long lines, the kids were well behaved.

The Clarion surpassed all expectations!  A beautiful hotel with a pool to boot!  The kids are loving it!  We had organic, handmade pizzas from the airport - no joke - and watched the Discovery Channel.  It ended up being a really fun and relaxing night.  We received an email that we were booked on the next available flight to Chicago on Monday.  Looking forward to exploring Sweden tomorrow!

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