Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 16 - Monterosso to Milano

Very early start to the day to avoid being impacted by the strike.  We picked up fruit, yogurt and croissants the day before to eat on the train.  The train kept pushing back arrival time in 5 minute increments and we were getting nervous.  It ended up arriving 17 minutes late.

Our hotel was right next to the major train station, so we walked over and left our bags before heading out to lunch at Obica.  Their food is amazing and they are well known for having a mozzarella cheese bar.  What's not to love?

After lunch we headed over to the Castellano Park that I spent a lot of time at while teaching at Cattolica.  We found a shady spot on the grass and listened to music for a bit, before heading back to our hotel to check in and get ready for meeting up with Massimo, Chiara, and Matilda.

Chiara organized for us to take an Italian cooking class at the Scuela Cucina.  It was very hands on and we ate what we made.  So fun!

Starting with making our own pasta...


Chef Nicole told the kids to close their eyes and "feel it" :)

Chef Nicole showing us the three different colors of pasta - colored using spinach, beats, and tumeric.

We rolled out the past dough and filled them with spinach and ricotta.

The kids got creative mixing the different pasta colors together.  Hard to believe, but it tasted even better than it looked!

The butter and sage sauce.

Preparing the bruschetta

Lily did not love the anchovies.

Our beautiful work ready for cooking.

Caden and Gia's favorite was the tuna with tomato and basil.

Anchovie and tomato was the red sauce.  Soooo good!

Plated for the parents

Plated for the kids

After dinner we walked over to Cattolica to get my suit case I had stored in Chiara's office.  We stopped for Massimo Gelatto along the way.  Fun to show the kids where I was teaching before they arrived.  We said goodbye to our Chiara, Massimo and Matilda after they spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to find a taxi for us - made extra difficult with the strike.  Then we were off for the hotel... Ciao to Milan!  

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