Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 10 - Mykonos Day 2

Our Baltimore friends were off to Santorini.  The kids bid their farewells.

We decided to relax poolside most of the day.  Beautiful day!

But first, breakfast was delivered and set up on our patio.  This is something we could get used to! Below is our Greek coffee.

Lily is the 'selfie master'

The spread.  This always includes Greek yogurt and honey.  Pure deliciousness.  This breakfast also included 'Greek eggs' - which were scrambled eggs with tomato and feta.  And rice pudding, which Caden and Gia were big fans of.  Lily made her own bacon and egg sandwiches each morning.  Corey and I ate EVERYTHING!!!

Spot-It Tourney poolside.  

Caden's in the background drinking his lemon soda :)

On our way to a nice dinner in the main part of town, being driven by Telley.

Me and Mr. C rockin' the strip.

Our dinner spot, per the recommendation of our Baltimore friends.  This was based largely on the highly recommended chocolate lava cake and the beautiful setting.  It did not disappoint on either account!

The bar tender was amazing!  We have a great video of how he pours the drinks through the air.  Luckily we were seated right behind him to enjoy his amazing craft.


On both sides of the table.

 Back at our hotel... stunning full moon.

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