Friday, June 16, 2017

June 12 - Santorini

I set off on an early morning run today with the goal of making it to the church with the blue dome off in the distance.  So magical running through the quiet walk ways of old cities.

This is one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Looking back from where I ran.

 The stairs up to our room.

The kids had their hearts set on crepes from a crepe shop they spotted that looked like the one they loved in Athens - so off we went!  Another beautiful day!

You can see Caden off in the distance.  The kids all seemed very comfortable traversing the web of walk ways.  I guess it's not too hard when the sea is always on one side to guide you, but there are a few different options of which path to take.

There were fish stands across from where we ate our crepes.

After crepes, we did a little shopping and then decided to try out the strange fish pedicure.  We joked that you can get this done for free at Grandma Sandy's cottage where the little chubs come up and nibble your toes :)

Lined up and ready to go!  For the record, you wash your feet beforehand and all mosquito bites and little scrapes are covered before submersing your feet.

Afterwards we headed back to the pool for some swimming and a sushi picnic from Ginger's Sushi.  You can see the kids ahead of us on the steps.

Daddy surfing.

This picture cracks me up.  Caden ended up negotiating pretty hard for a high-end fidget spinner with gears.  The fidget spinner was so nice, he decided to not take it to dinner so he wouldn't lost it.  Lily and Gia think he's nuts.

Waiting for the caravan of donkeys to pass.

 Dinner out at Argo - beautiful food and views!

This is a top pic of mine from the trip.

 The walk home - always a bit magical with little paths and soft lighting.

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Corey Angst said...

This is actually Santorini, not Mykonos.