Friday, June 16, 2017

June 14 - Monterosso in Cinque Terre

I picked up croissants and fruit for breakfast so that we could head right out to do a portion of the Cinque Terre trek first thing.  The walk is estimated at 2 hours between Monterosso and Vernazza and there is a possibility of rain today.

Gia helped to set the table.  Big debate around what the best type is - marmalade (apricot jam), chocolate, or le crema...

After breaky, we were off!  The kids did so great with the arduous hike - especially considering we were low on water for the hike!  Thank goodness we had cherries to suck on.

Starting with a family cheer to get the motivation going...

And we're off.

Looking back on Monterosso

There are little tad poles in this pool

A lot of steps '_'

Celebrating how far we've come.

Yes, we were all as hot and sweaty as Gia looks!

Not sure where Lily gets this competitive streak, but she wanted to finish first :)

Keeping a watchful eye for Vernazza to keep motivation up.  

Vernazza spotted!

We skipped down the rest of the way with the promise of a swim.

Proof that I was on the hike too :)

Lunch stop.  We ate here with a one-year-old Lily 10 years ago.

The kids making a snail castle...for hours, as Corey and I chatted with a German and American couple and their two little girls.

Quick stop to try out the Vernazza gelatto.  Monterosso still in first place :)

We took the train to the next town, Corniglia, and then decided it was too hot, so we hopped the train back to Monterosso where did a bit more swimming and lounging about on our new beach blanket, that Lily firmly believed we shouldn't buy.  She ended up coming around :)  
Corey headed into old town to make dinner reservations at a little family place that offers a select menu of whatever they cook that day.  They don't take reservations by phone.

Here's our view from the busy beach.

 You can see here how the beach is all rock.  Lily used these for her hot rock massages :)
 A few waves today which the kids enjoyed.

Lily had the tuna, Gia her usual pasta, Caden his usual mussels, Corey had the anchovies, and I had a ravioli with walnut cream.  It was all delicious!

Really delicious.

This is the extent of the restaurant except for a few tables right outside.

Lights with fish swimming in them were a highlight for the kids.  The other lights were filled with Gummy Bears.

Gia got wrapped up listening to this tour for some college students.  Kind of cute :)

Porta Roca is the hotel we stayed in when Lily was 1.

Love this grandma and baby walking along the sand.

Stunning bougainvillea.  More pics of this to come.
Our favorite gelatto shop.  Not sure about the "slurp" on the sign.

Full day!  We all crashed quickly afterwards.

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