Friday, June 16, 2017

June 15 - Monterosso

The day began with an early run for me through the side streets of the old town part of Monterosso and then up to the convent overlooking the city.  Awe inspiring.

St. Francis

The smell of this honeysuckle is so intoxicating.  It will always remind me of Italy as it scents the air nearly everywhere this time of year.

Yoga spot

I learned this morning that a strike is planned for trains the next day - which is when we are traveling back to Milan so we decided to change our tickets to the 6:54 option so we do not get stranded - although there are worse places to be stranded!  

I brought back croissants.  All are in the marmalade camp now except for Gia who is holding firm with crema.

After breakfast I took the girls shopping for swimsuits.  Then Corey and Caden met us at the beach right by Porta Rosa.  We picked up a chicken from the little market, a bottle of wine for $10 and some focaccia.  A perfect day.

New suits :)

Snail hunting

My swimmers

Yes, we are that cool.

We headed into town for crepes to hold us until dinner.

A very common look on the Angst children this trip is a chocolate face.

Our little grocery store where I buy fruit and milk each morning.

Once at home, naps had by all before dinner reservations at Miky.

Cod and truffle gnocchi with peas.  Delish!

Ravioli with shrimp.

Um... usual, pasta with butter.

On the way home we came across this frog.  The way he walked instead of hopped was one of the most bizarre things I have seen!

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