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June 5, 2017 - Milos to Kimolos

June 5, 2017
I began my morning with a run through town and a little yoga at the far end of the bay.  Then Corey went and came back for his stretching on the boat.  The kids are thrilled there is a fish net on board and love throwing in leftover bits of bread to catch the fish for the “fishy daycare” they are running.
The view from the boat in the morning.

Looking back at our boat in the harbor

Yoga stop

We hung out at the port for the fishing boats to come in.  As Helen said, “The people are like cats waiting for the best fish.”  We rushed right over.  So interesting to see the people rushing the boat and some people jumping onto the boat to try and get their fish.  We ended up with a huge Sea Bream – 4 Kilos costing 95 Euros.  Helen started cooking it straight away so that it would be ready for lunch…and dinner J
The boat rush.  Our captain Chris took the bike to get there quickly.

This is the fish we picked.

We pulled up anchor and headed to a swimming spot on the other side of Milos.  Beautiful and relaxing journey.

Listening to Hamilton.  She looks like a teenager!

Admiring the caves

Lily & Gia learning how to make Helen's special 'Welcome Drink' - fresh squeezed oranges with a rosemary simple-syrup.

Gia assisting Captain Chris looking for the perfect swimming spot.... Success!

Chris and Helen surprise Gia with mermaid flippers.  She was beyond thrilled.

The sea shell Caden discovered from our paddle board to through the arches to the far side of the bay.

 We had the Sea Bream for lunch.  Heavenly!  Caden and Gia each had two helpings.  Lily six!  We fear we are ruining our children!

A face only a mommy could love.  It provided quite a bit of entertainment for the kids.

We took out the dingy to explore the rest of the shore and the caves... pictures to follow soon.

Looking back at our boat.

Fish watching

Sailing away...

And having a dance party :)

Then on the horizon - dolphins!  They came right under the boat!  Unfortunately I was not able to capture too many photos, but this was definitely a highlight!

You can see the one under water here

We kept a dolphin vigil for another 20 minutes or so, and then got back to playing.

Lily's rendering of the experience :)

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