Friday, June 16, 2017

June 13 - Santorini to Milan to Cinque Terre (Oh My!)

Our last morning in Greece.  My legs were still shredded from running hills and steps the past couple of days, so I made a farewell walk instead of a run.  First I had to pass the sleeping bears :)

A few people out in the early morning.

These 5 cats tipped our count to over 100.  We finished with a solid 101.

The flight out of Mykonos to Milan was easy - despite a holding area before boarding meant to hold about 100 people crammed with 5x that.  Once we landed in Milan we grabbed some lunch and then boarded our 3 hour train to Cinque Terre.  So hot!  Our first order of business was a swim in the sea.  The second - dinner at the beach.  The third - gelatto of course!

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