Thursday, June 08, 2017

June 4, 2017 - Setting Sail from Sifnos to Milos

Today we started early with a 5:30 AM taxi ride to the port of Athens to get on a ferry to Sifnos Island where we could get picked up on our sailboat charter. 

As we waited to board our ferry this cruise ship came in.  The girls looked so small waiting on the shore.

Our charter did not leave until 12 PM, so we had a few hours to get breakfast, explore the beautiful island, visit beaches, and shop.  We ate at a cute little restaurant on the water.

The fishermen is recoiling his nets for the next day.


Lily, Caden, and Gia then headed to the beach.  Despite their best attempts, two of three ended up soaked (which of course means Caden and Gia).

Lily has been on the quest for the perfect bracelet.  The “Evil Eye” is very popular here, originating in ancient Greece.  It is believed to ward off jealousy.  The woman who makes the bracelets, Mara, happened to be in the shop, and Lily was able to see how she makes the bracelets.  Such kind and generous people.

Before we knew it, it was 12 PM, and we headed to board our boat – the New Horizon.

We were greeted by Chris – the captain, and Helen – the hostess, with orange rosemary drinks and a special Greek Bruschetta.  Helen ended up making us two more plates of this throughout the day.  Olive tapenade with tomatoes, feta, rosemary, and olive oil on a rosemary/olive oil crostini.  Wow!

Helen using the boat-bike to get a few last minute groceries before we set sail.

The boat has Blue Tooth, so we were streaming the Hamilton soundtrack.  This is Lily doing the full musical :)

After a tour of the boat we set sail for the other side of the island where we parked to play in the water for a couple hours.  We paddle boarded around the bay, swam to the beach and walked for a bit, snorkeled, and played on the tubes.  The water is crystal-clear and the sand looks like it has flecks of sparkling diamonds.  More stunning than possible to describe.  Definitely, a lifestyle we could get used to!

There is a little shower with hot water when you get out of the sea.

After some solid naps, reading, drinks and a second swim, we pulled anchor for Milos where we would park for the night.  The trip was three hours, so we all napped AGAIN.  No joke.  Nothing like napping with the Mediterranean breeze blowing across your skin.  Not to mention the kids and Corey are still adjusting to the time change (we are 7 hours ahead).  It was tough to rouse them!

Snuggling with my girls.

Lily trying to wake up.  I'm afraid this photo is a glimpse ahead of her teenage years!!!

Dinner was served just as we were nearing the island.  A Greek salad, wine, pasta with a Greek bolognaise sauce, and a lemon mousse.

After dinner, we walked through town a bit.  Interesting that rather than pick your own lobster, you can pick your own octopus at restaurants here.  Our kitty count is now at 31!

Caden's drawing of the village.

A little late night dancing.

Fish catching by the lights of the boat.

The "haul"

Lily's new 'Evil Eye' bracelet.

Playing UNO while enjoying a late night snack from Helen - bananas with her homemade chocolate.

Bedtime - Lily's room

Caden's room

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Leah Campbell Badertscher said...

Looks amazing you guys! Thank you for sharing pics of your beautiful family's adventures! <3