Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 8 - Paros to Mykonos

We awoke to rain!  With umbrellas in hand, we headed back into Paros for a little shopping, to check out a coffee shop we didn't make it to the night before (sadly the donut place is only open from 5 PM on!), and to see in the daylight where we left the baby rock.  She was still there (to the left of Gia in this photo).  And as a side note, a week later Captain Chris sent us a note that when he stopped there again, she was still there...  I wonder if some children will draw it some time :)

The amazing bakery...  Just before this we spent a solid 30-minutes explaining to Caden why he couldn't carry home a life-sized pug stuffed animal.  This is his new obsession.

Bye-bye Rock Baby!

Our little harbor.

On our way to Mykonos, the winds were favorable for hoisting the sales.  So peaceful and quiet - especially when you are watching someone else man the sales :)
Sailing away from Paros

Kissing buoys and reading Corey

Amazing how well these three play together for hours on end. So thankful they are such great friends.

Gigi showing off her Greek bracelet with the infamous Evil Eye

The kids had a ball riding the waves holding onto the trampoline ropes.  They all were soaked!

Corey and I sipping Greek Frappucinos captain-side!

Captain Chris

Helen made sushi for dinner - and Chef Gia helped :)

Fashion drawing and Greek lessons.

The weather cleared up for swimming stop.  The kids ventured off on their own.  So cool to see.

Funny enough this yacht had people speaking English and discussing Trump.  Still makes my stomach turn '_'

What was not documented with photographs was Gia getting a piece of sea-urchin tentacle stuck in her finger - while I was with them at the beach!  This resulted in a dramatic - and I mean DRAMATIC attempt to get it out.  To no avail BTW. 
Photo from web below, as I did not take a camera when we were swimming to the beaches.  
The kids made an elaborate tide pool with different levels for the numerous sea urchins they collected and named.  Eventually, Gia squeezed one a little too hard '_'

More drawing as we venture on to our final sailing stop in Mykonos.


I thought this was a cool view looking at the kids drawing from the front deck through the window.

Enjoying dinner at port in Mykonos with our very tired kiddos. 

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