Monday, June 12, 2017

June 6 Kimolos to Polyegos

June 6, 2017
Today began with a “Greek Coffee”, which is a coffee cooked over an open-flame with some milk and sugar just until the edges start to bubble, followed by an early morning walk along the beach by Caden to look for seashells among the rocks.  Lily and I attempted to run to the little church on the other side of the bay.  I say “attempt” because she did not make it too far with her recovering leg, and because the staircase to the church was locked once we got to the top.  Beautiful views regardless.

My shadow and my running partner admiring a cave for boat storage

The beach walker.

I like Caden's better :)

Our 'neighbor boats' this morning

Soon after we returned, the fishing boats came in.  We picked out one of the fish that Helen had a lot in her village growing up.

As the fishermen cleaned the fish, they threw a couple of the little ones out to one of the wild cats on the pier.  The cat was so befuddled trying to figure out how to fit all of the fish in her mouth to hoard at once.

Weighing our fish

We then decided to walk into the town of Kimolos together.  As Helen explained, the towns are typically in the middle of the island so that the islands looked empty to the pirates, back when pirate invasion was a bit more common.

The walk up was long and hot, but so beautiful.  The kids pet horses – which all had at least two legs bound together so that the horses couldn’t run off.  This really bothered the kids (and all of us really).  We also came across baby kittens, and we stopped in a little coffee shop at the top and bought a couple slices of cake for after dinner, where a man was in the back rolling out dough.  Then on the way down we happened across a little bakery with all of the typical Greek baklava-type cookies.  The sweetest Greek man hooked us up with a variety of treats, include Greek Loukoumi, which is apparently the same as Turkish Delight – which I should have taken a photo of – but alas they have all been eaten!

Taking a rest from the climb up.

The amazing little bakery.

Caden wanted to take this photo for Grandma Sandy :)

These baby kittens Gia spotted led to hours of questioning on why she cannot take them home!?!

We then headed to a stunning swimming spot off the island of Bolyaidos.  We swam and paddle boarded for hours in the bluest waters I have ever seen.  Caden snorkeled over half the time, looking for fish.  We took a break for lunch - delicious Greek Salad as usual, then more swimming.

Lily and Gia both helped Helen with preparing the fresh fish for dinner.

I had my hair stylist Lily do my hair for the occasion.

Anniversary shots of Typnaboy (pronounced Tipp-a-row) – with Chris and Helen. 

Late afternoon we pulled up anchor and headed to the next island where we would park for the night.  As usual, open-air naps had by all J

Our dinner spot...

You can see the steps up into the cave at...

After arriving in Folegandros we went for a walk into town.  Kitty count now at 46.  We had our first cat walk up to us, curl up against Gia, and crawl right on her lap.  We have daily conversations about why we can’t bring them all home – and how much Grandma Sandy would love it here and all of the catnip mice she would need to make J

Another round of UNO before bed.  Caden came out the winner in two games.  G’night!


Roberta Viau said...

Thanks for sharing. I love all your photos.

Grandma Sandy said...

Thanks for thinking of me with the beautiful flower picture, cats, and kittens. What a wonderful vacation! I am enjoying it with you via your Blog.