Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 18 - Greetings from Stockholm!

We took the high speed train into the city.  Such an impressive, innovative, and well planned city.  Even the train was clean and well appointed.  The trip in took 20 minutes.

Waiting for the train

As we set off on our walk from the train station, we passed a sign for the IceBar.  Too good of an opportunity to pass up...

Dressed and ready to enter.

We started with a seat on the ice throne

We had to snap a photo of this cute little ice princess :)

Our bartender.  Apparently they have 1-hour shifts because it is so cold - 5 Celsius.

Our glasses waiting for the drink to be poured.

Enjoying the ice bar.  There was a fun spinny game.

Our drinks

Some of us were not fully prepared.


Cold daddy on father's day

We continued walking on to Gamla Stan... such a beautiful city!

Gia's new best friend :)

The Royal Palace

We debated a water tour, and then opted to walk towards the island of Sodermalm, lauded as a "hipster" island.  We stopped for fika (coffee and a baked good) at Hermans.  Completely vegan so even the whipped cream was made from oats milk.  Really good!

licorice ropes to help distract from the walking...

Goofy selfy

Our view from our 'fika' at Hermans.

The entry to Hermans

The hike back towards the train.  The swimming pool is calling to the little people.  The pubs were calling to the big people, but we were out numbered.

Admiring a candy shop

I thought this double-decker bike rack was cool.  A testament to an active city!

Another dinner in the airport.  The food is seriously great!  Tonight we had sushi and organic pasta and pizza.  We are planning a vacation back to the Clarion in the Stockholm again :)  Although a definite bonus was that the hotel and food were all free due to the flight cancellation.

The sun set over the airport.

Enjoying the Alaskan survival show.

We fly home tomorrow...

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