Friday, June 16, 2017

June 11 - Mykonos to Santorini

This day began with my mistaken belief that it was Father's Day!  After a morning run, I did the packing and at breakfast we took turns telling Corey all of the many, many things we love about him.  It wasn't until dinner time that we realized we were a week early.  Argh!

I love early morning running in new places!

"Father's Day" breakfast.

Caden rocking his new shades and his fidget spinner from Athens.

Kitty number...?  They sleep everywhere!

After a 2-hour ferry ride, that was 1-hour late, we arrive in Santorini and are transported to our hotel.

Thank goodness for a porter!  To reach our hotel we had to travel a couple hundred steps down and then another 50+ back up.

The view from our balcony.

Our hotel - Agnadema.  Our room is on the top floor.

Caden admiring the view.

The town of Fira where we spent most of our time.

Walking to the recommended gyro / souvlaki restaurant - Luckys.

Lucky was behind the counter chatting up everyone!  The kids just wanted chicken kabobs, but then devoured the souvlaki.  Aside from the usual gyro goodness, there were a few french fries wrapped in.  So good!

After lunch, we spent some time pool side... and hot tub side.

My napping spot :)

The view from the living room.

Heading out for dinner at Nousa.

Gia was tired, so she and I left dinner a little early and wandered home on our home.  So fun to just chat and take our time.  Cade, Lily and daddy also wandered, but went by way of gelato :)

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