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June 7 - Paros

June 7, 2017
Beautiful morning!  Began the day with our usual rush to the fisherman’s boat.  We bought a fish today that is a bit like a tuna.  As the fishermen sorted their catch, they carefully remove the lobster and other spiny fish from the threads of the net.  Painstaking work! 

Corey and I are started the day with a beautiful run up into the hills. Looking back at our boat in the harbor from our run.

After breakfast, and per Chris’s recommendation, we took a taxi the 5 km up to the main town.  Once there we hiked to the Greek Orthodox church set up at the highest point of the town.  Caden was too tired to make it to the top, probably due to his hours and hours of snorkeling yesterday, but the rest of us – including Gia – made it to the top.  A couple of these are my favorites.


The winding path to the church.  We kept joking about what one does if you forget something at the car before service.
It was a long and hot climb.  Caden opted out after much "discussion" and waited for us to come back down.  We decided it was form his 6 hours of snorkeling the day before!

Caden is the red speck at the start '_'

We made it!

Hot and cute!

Love these poppies!

Beautiful walk back...

The kids saw this rock on our walk.  Helen translated it for us and it is a memorial to a young woman's father.  Very touching how memories live on and our stories continue.  In this case, through a child visiting from America.

By Lily

The artists hard at work.

Once back we set sail for our swimming spot for the day.  The clouds came out however and we had a few rain drops, but it made for great game playing and some goofy picture taking while we sailed the three hours to the beach.

Luckily the sun started to come up as soon as we arrived at our swimming spot.

First lunch.  This one tasted like tuna fish.  The kids ate it with mayo.

Once at the beach we spent a lot of time looking at rocks, looking for shells, and skipping rocks.  I ended up paddle boarding Caden slowly up the coast while he hung over with his mask and snorkel in the water.  He found quite a few little crabs that rode with us for a bit.  We also picked up a bit of rubbish to take back to the boat to throw away ‘_’

Caden getting a taxi ride back to the boat after his shell hunting showing off his haul.

More naps, UNO, Banana Gram, drawing and dancing while we sailed the three hours to park for the night.  The kids also decorated a large flat rock to look like a baby, which gave them hours of entertainment.  They were planning to dump the baby overboard, but then we had a better idea...

We pulled into Paros at night.  We parked next to an amazing boat!  So fun to have the view inside of the beautiful interior.  We looked the boat up online and found that it was made by a Turkish designer, sleeps 6 plus 4 crew, and has a gym inside!

Paros at night as we arrived

The gorgeous boat we parked next to.  After some searching we found out the boat is privately owned, has a crew of 4, and sleeps 8.  The kitchen on the boat was the same size as ours in Indiana! 

Dance party as we waited for dinner...the videos, and there are videos, are much better :)

After dinner we took a walk in the posh little town.  Chris introduced us to these heavenly little donut bites drizzled with chocolate and served with ice cream.  What’s not to like?!?  We also had to try the place next door with elephant-ear-like cones that were handmade and filled with Nutella and almonds, and then ice cream.  Both are worth returning to Greece for J  My other purchase was a beautiful bracelet. Great little narrow streets, bustling with activity.   

Donut shop

Handmade ice cream cones / elephant ear cones

Cat #73...

Momma's new bracelet.  Love.

Close to midnight in this pic.  Kids are on Greek-time.

Tomorrow is our last full sailing day ‘_’

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