Monday, June 22, 2015

My trip to Italy, love Caden Angst (to be updated throughout the trip)

Our taxi taking us to the Chicago airport.

We went through the toll booth.

There were really pretty flowers.

We saw some swans in Lake Como when we went out to dinner.  There were 5 swans.  They were beautiful.  It was a pretty day and the sun was setting.

There was this weird duck.  He had a white beak, black body, and was very pretty.  He was hanging out with the swans.  We thought he was a baby swan.

This is the flag of Italy.

We went on a boat ride.  It was raining.  We got out of the rain storm.  

We went cherry picking.  We ate some of the cherries.
We took a pizza-making class and ate a lot of yummy pizza.

We saw the leaning Tower of Pisa.  It was leaning and we thought we could catch it.  I got sunglasses that have the Italy flag on it.

I got lemon gelato.  It was shaped like a flower.

I had the yummiest cake ever.  It was berry cake.

Out house in Capri had a pool.  It was fun.  We tried to swim in it, but one time, we slipped and fell in there.  We had lots and lots of stairs - lots, and lots, and lots, and lots.  And we had to carry our suitcases up.  It was the worst day every.  Boo hoo.  But it was a beautiful view.  We had a good view of the blue lizard and a real kingdom.

Lemon and chocolate gelato from the best gelato place ever.  But the woman who made the gelato (or the mom of the gelato owner - not sure) died, and the gelato place was closed the last night when we hiked down in the dark for a cone.  PS - it was sad.

We have had lots of sunny days.  We made lemonade with lemons from our lemon tree.

This is at the beach in Amalfi.  I catched a clam.  And I found a piece of a shell.  Lily caught a crab and she found a baby snail.

We watched a play from our house.  

We bought a whale.  It was fun.  We played on it at the beach.  It almost popped because of the clams.  The clams were trying to bite it.

We made a map of all around Amalfi.  This is our house and the secret pathways that lead to a beautiful church.

At that church there are dinner places, breakfast places, and one big fountain.

My mom asked me to draw a picture of this pretty house with flowers all around it.

Me and mom were doing art projects at a dinner place and it was of the city that we were staying in.

The same city but in a different place.

I did this art project on my own of a city in Italy.

I don't like Pompeii.  It scares me.
The view from the cafe in Ravello, where Caden had pesce (peach) juice, which used to be my favorite as a child, and set off our purchasing spree of peach juice.

Caden drew the fireworks going off around Amalfi, during the day.

This monument was in front of our bus stop, so Caden had 16 minutes to appreciate it while we waited for our bus.

The House of Monsters

Boat Fountain at the Spanish Steps

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