Friday, June 19, 2015

Italy - Day 8 (Capri)

I set off first thing for my run.  I decided to take the dirt track heading away from town and realized I had come across the hike up to Sentero De L'Passetello.

Curiosity got the better of me, and before long, I was using my full body to scale rocks to reach the summit.  Up and up I climbed, reaching the top after what felt like an hour of climbing.  I was looking down on the seagulls that circle above us in our house.  Stunning views.  Sadly, no camera, so you will have to imagine looking down over the cliffs with a variety of wildflowers growing about.  I was worried the crew would be wondering where I was, so headed back as quickly as I could.  By this time, my legs were a bit shaky from the climb and lack of food/coffee/water before.  I had two silly slips on the way down attributed to the steep paths and dried leaves that made the walk down slippery.  The first slip I grasped the closest branch for support that turned out to be a thorny bush!  The second I put my hand back to catch myself and gouged the fleshy part of my hand - both of which bled more than they should, leaving me looking quite garish when I returned back to the house.  Dr. Gia took me in the house and helped doctor me up with Frozen bandaids.  When I asked her if I'd need a shot too she replied, "Moooom!  I'm not a real doctor.  I'm just your kid.  And an Italy doctor." :)

The breakfast of omelets with parma and prosicutto for breakfast overlooking the sea with Italian espresso, made by my sweet hubby, was a great cap to the adventurous morning.

We decided to head to Anacapris to explore the gondola, hiking down to the piazza of Capri and taking two taxis up.
The crew gate-side.

A little help on the hike down.  Every other time, Gia has tackled this aerobic hike on her own!

My taxi companions.

Caden refusing to take a pic with me because Lily was riding with the Alexanders and not him!!!

Caden and Gia were able to double up with us in the single seat.  Lily seemed so grown up riding up by herself!  Here we are waiting for the gondola...

An interesting bracelet.

And we're off!

Selfie (without the stick)

Lily, with Caden and Corey behind her.

The views were stunning.

 We had a drink, and Lily took over the photography :)

Gia was just pinched by Caden.
The ride down...
Me and G

Next we had lunch before enjoying some shopping and watching the sandal making.  Capri is known for handmade leather sandals.  You can pick the straps and jewels and even have your initials engraved too.

Lily was very mindful of the fashion and drew this bag design for her journal entry.

We had our daily gelato, had a little swim in our pool, and tucked in for the night for some journal writing, eating of bread and cheese, and a game of charades.  Another great day!

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