Sunday, June 21, 2015

Italy Day 10 (Capri to Amalfi)

I woke up early and ran down to the main center of Capri.  So quiet and peaceful, except for the locals who were having an early morning cup of coffee.  I stopped in a cafe and purchased croissants, chocolate, cream, and marmalade,  so the kids could enjoy a quick breakfast before getting in some last pool moments.  When I made it back to the house, everyone was still asleep, so I went for a swim and did a little yoga.  The scenery rivaled the best 'yoga by the beach' shows I have ever seen.  Hmmm...maybe a new business idea I can do from Capri! :)

Caden and his buddy Abby were the first ones up, so they laid out a beautiful display of pastries and got to sampling.

Rod next ran into town and bought stuff for an amazing breakfast spread.  While he prepared breakfast, the kids took their swam, played Minecraft together, and helped clean up the house a bit while we finished up packing as strategically as possible to get our bags down the steps as efficiently as possible.

I took a few last picks of the room, and of this book that I discovered where the home owners were working on the English.  I loved the way he underlined words to look up.  Very impressive text to read in a language that is not your own!
Notice the butterflies on display.  The three pictures to the left are designs made by butterfly wings.

Gia wanted to set aside this Euro to "feed her pig at 1218 Garland Road" :)

I wanted to be sure to record the details of our favorite gelateria and pasticceria for posterity:

Here's a link to the recipe I found online:

The ferry ride was uneventful - however the drive along the Amalfi Coast was as harrowing and curvy as ever.

Shortly into the ride, poor Caden announced he wasn't feeling well.  Nowhere to pull over so I had him crawl into the front seat to see if that would help.  Moments later he vomited on the floor and down the indoor side of the car as he attempted to make it out the window.  Then the poor little guy fell fast asleep.  Vomit count to 3.

We made it to the parking garage to meet the porters for our Amalfi house.  I changed Caden while we waited.

The Amalfi house is only a couple hundred steps up - which while still a bit breathtaking, is easy compared to Capri.  The stair-walk up inside the building has religious icons in a few places, giving it an eerie feel.  However the apartment is gorgeous!

We did a quick settle in and then met the Alexanders for an early dinner...and some great wine!

Lily and Abby love pasta with clams
Gia's daily noodle fix
We strolled the streets of Amalfi and did a little shopping.  Lily and Caden picked out the cutest hats.


Next up was our daily gelato, and then tearful goodbyes.  We are going to miss our travel buddies :(

Ciao Alexanders!
We cleaned up in the fountain square...

we then headed to the grocery store for our provisions before hiking up steps to approach the house from the other direction.  Caden suffered a bag tear along the way.

Grocery store at the end of the lane

One of the windows in our stairwell

Enjoying the view
Bad picture - but orchestra and dancers ocean-side were a perfect end to the day!
Sleepy kiddos - are parents!

We found English-speaking TV and all watched Jimmy Fallon together, before sleeping for a good and badly-needed 10-hour stretch!

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