Sunday, June 14, 2015

Italy-Day 2 (Lake Como)

We all slept until 9am.  Felt great!  Caden was still exhausted when he finally opened his eyes.

We then headed down to the little café at the bottom of our stairs for a macchiato.  Tiny little spot with a small cluster of chairs on the porch.  Local after local would walk up or pull by car to stop up for a coffee.  They all chatted like dear friends.  Or maybe they were just united in making fun of us, sitting there sipping coffees and playing battle ship on our new magnetic game :)  Caden, Gia and I decided to take one last little walk up a hidden stair case we were curious about just up the walk from our place.  So amazing the way the homes and gardens are tucked into the hillside!

We then packed up and headed to the adorable little town of Argegno a couple of miles up for a breakfast of apricot croissants, other pastries, and hot chocolates (no judging - it was the only breakfasty food available at 11:15am!).  Caden took his turn as photographer.  Very cute to see his perspective.

We drove to Cadenabria to take a car ferry across Lake Como to Bellagio to drive to Lezzeno.  The view was stunning and a strong breeze blew across the boat.  The kids hopped out of the car and did happy dances as the wind whipped about.  It was a fun sight to see.

Bellagio is gorgeous.  I can see why Vegas created a beautiful hotel in its name.  We drove along the narrow roads lined with honey suckle and roses before arriving at our house in Lezzano.  The directions were a bit sketchy – and literally sketched on a scrap piece of paper from the hotel Villa Aroura that we made the arrangements through, which found us at the top of a steep hill paved with ‘pudding stones’ (as my mom would call them).  

When we decided to go back, Corey opted for turning around rather than backing down, which resulted in our car perfectly nestled between a stone wall and a 10 foot drop.  I thought we would be bribing some strapping Italians to help us pick up the front end of the car and turn it around (not a bad prospect).  Thankfully after repeated inching through 3-point turns, we made it.  With the help of some of the construction workers at a nearby house (one of which was wearing an Arizona t-shirt who did not speak ANY English), we found our house.  Alexanders were already there.  Big hugs, wine, and lots of running around for the kids.

Alicia and I managed a little run down to town through the winding paths and stairs.  However we had to walk back up with our arms full of wine J  We drank a bottle, and then I made my obligatory run up the hill.  At the top I found what I am interpreting to be an agri-farm in one direction, and a church set by the backdrop of a waterfall.  My paranoia set in shortly thereafter about being at the top of a mountain with a steep drop off into a waterfall, so I hightailed it back down after a short tour.

We celebrated Abby’s 9th birthday at the Hotel Aroura Pizzeria on the water.  Very fun evening had by all.

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