Sunday, June 28, 2015

Italy - Day 16 (Amalfi)

So all night I had dreams about how to get the swimsuit top out of the bush.  My best idea when heading to bed was to drop a heavy log, stacked for the fireplace on our balcony, on top of the suit.  Corey pointed out the possibility that the log could somehow get stuck and then fall on a car later.  So I was puzzled.  Then it came to me - I could use the hose as a fishing line and drop it down to the suit top.  I just needed to secure a hook to the hose. Options included one of the bendable spoons curved up, a small log tied on to the hose, or the wine opener with the different tools opened.

At first light, I was up.  Corey was in the "time to let it go" camp, so I let him sleep.  It took a good 10 minutes to unscrew the hose, then another 10 to fasten together a rope with twisty-ties to attach the log, then I hiked down to the lower terrace.  After about 10 attempts at chucking the hose over, I headed down to the road.  Hopelessly out of reach.  I went back up and tried a few more hose attempts as the man living in the apartment behind pretended to have things to do outside his door so as to observe my craziness.  I eventually gave up.

I put on my shoes and walked to the piazza for milk.  Much was closed, being an early Saturday morning, but I found a spot.  Then as I walked back to our walkway up, I smelled the yummy bread.  Since much was closed, it was easy to find the small opening of a bread bakery.  There were stacks of fresh baguettes awaiting distribution to their restaurants.  I asked him what he recommended and he walked me back to the oven and handed me a warm and crusty loaf - 50 cents!  I ran back to our house and dug in while I waited for my coffee to brew.  I was thinking less and less about the suit, resigning myself to its fate.

Caden was the next one up, and loved the warm bread as much as me :)  He saved a little for Lily too.
Jaumm'n it
After the others were up, Corey said he had a similar fishing line idea, and thought we could detach the clothes line.  We put the wine opener on it, and he headed down to start "fishing".  Unfortunately with the holiday weekend for St. Andrea, the traffic was terrible.  There was a "polizia" officer just up from the suit stopping traffic to alternate passage through the tunnel.  I sat down on a stone bench next to the traffic just in case the swimsuit was shook loose and fell to the road (and hopefully not onto the back of a passing car or truck!).

Corey made throw after throw.  Two different groups of people circled by and offered their encouraging, "impossible" comment.

Then as luck would have it, after what must have been the 30th throw, the swimsuit fluttered down to the road.  Like a tennis ball gatherer court-side, I ran out between the stopped cars, waved off the incoming truck in the oncoming lane, and scooped up the top   before running back up.  All was right now in my universe :)  And Lily was off my list.

Lily wanted to do some shopping today, so Lily and I headed into town.  A cruise ship arrived early that morning, so we knew it would be busy in town, but decided to brave it regardless.  Corey, Caden and Gia went swimming.  A really fun day.  Lily picked out something for everyone, and we went to the paper store to see the beautiful cotton paper made from the last remaining paper mill in Amalfi.
The view of the cruise ship from our kitchen table

Coffee break for me and my Lily girl

Cotton paper

Lily picked out a shirt for Caden and a fan for Gia.

We had reservations for a "last night in Amalfi" dinner at 7pm.  Really lovely last night.  We will truly miss this community of wonderful people!

My beautiful girls at dinner

Lily did Gia's hair

Lily did my nails for the occasion :)

This sweet dog looked out over the diners - Caden noticed him and took his picture

Towards the end of our meal we were serenaded by these talented musicians - who of course started their entertainment by playing none other than New York, New York :)

Caden decided to make a drawing for our sweet waitress.  She is one of the children of the restaurant owners.  They all work at the restaurant together and apparently have a restaurant in Richmond, VA too!  She invited us back for Christmas to join her for Christmas pudding.  I've already booked by tickets :)

Fanc = Thank you for the yummy food - and hew drew only the desserts :)

Our sweet waitress, Giovanna at L'Abside

Gia with her "Arcitic Holder" - she suggested I get an Arctic too so we could be twins - and that perhaps the Dugards would get me one, because they are her "Fairy God Parents".  Dugards - another Arctic please!!!

We ventured to the pizza to enjoy the festival for a bit...
The steps of the Duomo covered with people enjoying a concert

Looking up the piazza at the banner I had a chance to watch get hung earlier in the day, complete with Italian men yelling and gesturing at one another as it lopsidedly made its way up.
 Great sequence of the kids posing for a photo, which led to some battling. as evident by the facial expressions.

Our walk back...

A part of the walk...

The view of the harbor.  

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