Thursday, June 25, 2015

Italy - Day 13 (Amalfi)

We made a big breakfast of parma ham, scrambles eggs, and tomatoes on toast, and the kids worked on their maps of Italy to map out our trip.




Then we all pitched in together to clean up.  The kids are doing great with chores and specific knowledge building activities to earn minutes on their iPads (thank you Jen Smoker).  

Afterwards, we decided we would create a map of Amalfi and the many walkways to and about the piazza.  It was a much bigger job than anticipated.  

Gia's map

Lily and Corey's map
Caden's map 
We made it the steps of the Duomo and sat there for a bit and sketched.  Gia snapped a few photos of the piazza.  She wants to take a pigeon home as a pet :)

Wendy and Lily's masterpiece
Caden's drawing of the fountain and a restaurant.
We then hiked to the next little town over, Atrani, and sat out at a little cafĂ© for crepes and coffee, and spent some more time drawing together.  It was a great morning!

Corey's beautiful sketch of the square
Caden and I drew the Amalfi coastline
Lily drew our coffee cup

Lily drew her daddy

Gia drew her hand and decorated it (with the help of her mom)

Once back home, the kids spent some time on their iPads and Corey and I did a little bit of work, before doing some games, reading, and enjoying the patio swing.  We then headed back into town for dinner and played some Spot It :)  

A very relaxing day.  It is beginning to feel like we live here, which is so fun!

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