Thursday, June 25, 2015

LILY'S ADVENTURES IN ITALY (to be updated as we go...)

When I was on the plane I got a terrible earache.  And then ended up getting sick once we landed and barfed.  
This is the flag of Italy.

I thought that this painting was beautiful, tucked into the ancient wall, built by the Romans before Christ was born, so I took a picture and drew it.

This is a drawing of a beautiful church that my mom thought was pretty too.  We didn't get a chance to go inside it.

This is a picture of a swan I drew.  We were eating dinner on beautiful Lake Como with mountains and houses across from us scattered on the hillsides.  

This is a house across the lake that my mom thought was cute, so I drew it.

We went into Bellagio for the day and it started to rain. We all bought cute umbrellas and walked around looking for a place to get gelato (Italian ice cream). [Lily was playing around with the Picassa settings and liked this photo in neon.  Original is below]

This is the Leaning Tower of Pisa that I saw with my friends the Alexanders.
We went to a pizza making class with the Alexanders.  We learned how to make super good pizzas.  My favorite was the caprese pizza (margarita).  We were on a farm and the ingredients for the pizza were picked freshly from there. 

This is a picture of Mary I saw in a beautiful church in Parma.  My little sister Gigi she kind-of knocked over the red ropes that were blocking off areas of the church.  She was super embarrassed.  

This is a flower I drew when I was really bored and my hand just did whatever it wanted and I just called in 'Pink Land' because I had a pink pencil in my hand.

This is my favorite drawing in Italy (so far).  It is a picture of a girl on a purse.  The beautiful dress gave me inspiration which is why I drew her. (Notes below).

This is a Picasso of Abby Alexander

This is a Picasso of Riley Alexander, Abby's sister.

This is a Picasso of my little sister Gigi.

View from Amalfi (Lily's notes below)

I drew a map of Italy to show where we are traveling to on this trip:

This is me riding on the inflatable whale we bought.

My sketch of the coffee cup at a cafe in Atrani

My sketch of my dad.  I tried to capture all of the colors in his eyes, then thought his eyes turned out too big.  My mom like it thought.

My mom sketched this while sitting on the steps of the church in Amalfi.  I drew the name of the building that was on the sign.

This is my report on our visit to Pompeii on June 24, 2015.

Nero and his family are reportedly buried underneath this church, which is what Lily chose to write about.

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