Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gia's Favorite Things About Italy (to be updated as we go...)

This is my map of Italy where we are going.

Gia's thoughts on the trip so far:
I took a pill so I didn’t get sick on the car ride to Pompeii.  It was interesting that it was buried in the ashes.

I like that I am staying with my whole family in Italy and I loe the way I’m doing it.  We stayed in a white house with a pool that was perfect the way it was and it had a secret hideout.
We brought our pets Arctic and Toto.

I’m happy that we have swimmed in the pool and the sea.  I especially loved the beach with the restaurant.  We were all together as a family.  I love my mom and dad and brother and sister.  I love the way they take me to school and I love my friends.  And I love the way I went to Australia and played with my friend Daisy Harry Potter.  I love everything that’s special to me.  Even my toys on my bed waiting for me.  And I love Arctic and Toto and everything we do together. 

Italian food is great.  I love the food that they make in Italy.  When we go out to eat, I like spaghetti (bianco) with olive oil and parmesan.  I love the eggs, and bread.  I also thank you for the goodest time with my family, and I like it that way.

Gia's pictures
My map of Amalfi

A portrait of Ms. Emily
Gia - 6-29-15
I liked the water fountain today that daddy took me out on to wash my hands.

Gia washing her hands at the Boat Fountain with daddy's help.

The obelisk in Piazza del Popolo
Gia reminiscing about the beach in Amalfi

We sat to sketch the coliseum.  Gia announced, "Mom, I can't draw thaaat! [as she jabbed her thumb in the that direction]  So I just drew Jesus on the cross."

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