Sunday, June 14, 2015

Italy - Day 3 (Lake Como)

Great start to the day with this gorgeous view!  My morning office :)

Lily and I headed into town for breakfast.  The Hotel Auroura had a beautiful display of fresh breads that you sliced yourself, meats, cheeses, an espresso machine, and eggs that you boiled to your desired doneness.  We brought back croissants and apricot muffins for the others, and stopped at the grocery store for some eggs, milk, and bananas.  The young lady at the checkout told me the amount needed to be 20 Euro for the credit card, so I looked at the wine display and was surprised and thrilled to see that I needed to buy 2 bottles to make up the 8 Euro difference!  The wine is literally cheaper than water.  “I think I’m gonna like it here!” J

My dear friend from college Tamara and her husband Domi and kids Fabrice and Miles drove down from Switzerland to join us for a couple of days.  We met up with them and toured their gorgeous house they rented before heading to the beach at Hotel Aroura for some water play.  

The water was freezing, but Alicia and I still swam the kids out to the trampoline.  I reminded the kids, as I often do, to remember the nice gesture when I am in my 90’s J  We all had a blast!  Molly tried wake boarding.  And then when the rain started...  

We all headed home to shower and get warmed up, before renting boats to explore Lake Como at 6pm.  So fun – despite a little rain.  

Caden's journal entry about our boat ride.

Afterwards we headed to the restaurant to order takeout, which we took back to Tamara and Domi’s.  The kids played at the water and had a ball.

We hiked back up around 9:30pm, put on a movie for the kids who had been planning their slumber party all day, and managed to turn our one toast of limoncello to the Alexanders who just received the call that they had a new house – into drinking the entire bottle!

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