Sunday, June 28, 2015

Italy - Day 18 (Rome)

We all slept late today.  After some coffee, Lily and I headed out for a walk around the grounds.  We initially planned on renting one of the units in the main house, but it wasn't available the very last day we needed, hence our Gate House.  By the looks of it, we have the entire property to ourselves for now.  
Purple grapes in the back - green in the front.  

The view from the backyard looking out over Roman ruins.

The main house.

Lily heading down the garden path.

The beautiful patio of the main house.

The oranges were a bust... on to lemons.

We put our lemonade in the refrigerator until we could find a grocery store for some sugar.

We decided to explore the area a bit.  First, Lily had her hair done by her daddy :)  

Lily captured some gorgeous pics of flowers in our yard.

Trying to figure out how to get grapes down.

Garden roses
 We set out on our adventure and decided to find as many family crests as possible, starting with the crest of the family of our home.  Typical ones are bees, eagles, skulls, sun, moon, lions, dragons, and the horsefly.
We were on a hunt for family crests.  The home we are in was built and / or owned by a family with the eagle crest.

The dragon crest

The Lion Crest
 We walked to a great restaurant just around the corner from us called Orazio.  Great swordfish!

The gate riders
 We headed out for groceries as the evening cooled a bit, and realized we were at the Notre Dame Rome Gateway and next to the Coliseum (which I did not photograph, as I thought I would wait until we are on our Gateway mission).

Gia asked me to take this picture as she sang a song to Daisy Harry Potter about how much she missed her :)

Home sweet home :)

One of the cute little cars I covet.

The guard cat.

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