Thursday, June 18, 2015

Italy - Day 7 (Capri)

We set off bright and early with a beautiful drive meandering through the Tuscan countryside.  First I snapped a couple of pics from our beautiful Hilton property with my little guy sleeping soundly as the breeze gently blew in.

Gorgeous drive.  Rolling hills, ancient cities set on picturesque hillsides, vineyards, and of course early complaints of car sickness from both Caden and Gia – who usually is fine.  Sweet Lily let Caden lay his head on her lap and she sang him hymns and caressed his head (this of course followed by the usual brother/sister behavior of hitting one another shortly before).  Gia just wailed repeatedly that she didn’t feel good.  We tried windows down.  Eyes closed.  Then she declared she might throw up.  We passed back a grocery bag and moments later, she was true to her word.  The bag managed to catch a tenth of it, with her face, dress and hair capturing the rest.  Too disgusting for pictures.  And all of this happened mind you, while on a curvy road that appeared to be one lane, no shoulder, and following a Polizia Transport vehicle.  We arrived at a little town about 10 minutes later and pulled over to poor water over Gia and change her clothes.  She was a trooper! 

Official count – 2 vomits in 7 days.  Not bad, not bad. 

Sometimes singers have rough lives :)

Thankfully we reached the autostrata shortly afterwards with only had 5 more hours to go in our delightfully smelling car!

The rest of the trip was uneventful.  We arrived into Sorrento 30-minutes before our scheduled ferry departure and set off for Capri.


We paid porters to transfer our luggage up to our house, and thank goodness we did!  After boarding a tiny bus to head to the center of Capris, we waited for Natalie to meet us to walk us the rest of the way.  It was easily a 20-minute walk all uphill!  However when we arrived at the home we rented for the next 4 days, even the kids said the walk was worth it.

Where we grocery shopped.

Waiting for the house organizer to meet us and lead us up.  I love Gia's luggage post.

Starting the walk.

Over 850 steps...

We have arrived!

Lily says it the walk was worth it!


The view from the house...

The beautiful house...

The kids headed straight for the swimming pool, the adults straight for the wine, and Alicia made up some pasta we picked up at the little supermarket in town – lemon and plain.  The food tasted amazingly fresh.  The dinner table was spectacular. 

Now Lily has the camera...

Looking down into the in-door dining area.

The roof playground

After dinner Corey, Alicia, Molly, Caden and I hiked down to town for gelato (a rule is a rule).  So worth it.  Waffle cones made fresh for each order.  People watching fantastic!  And really just magical walking around the quiet island walkways at night.

Which one is the crab?!?

Our favorite gelato place.

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