Sunday, June 21, 2015

Italy - Day 11 (Amalfi)

Happy Father's Day!  We attended mass in the gorgeous duomo in the center of Amalfi.  So beautiful!  There is a certain peace in the rituals in any language.  And we were lucky enough to witness a baptism today for an adorable little baby named Alfonso!

After mass we took a few photos of the gorgeous surroundings...

We shopped a bit in the square and bought a roast chicken, mozarella, peaches, and cherries for lunch (we passed on the sword fish head).  We were however talked into buying a dolphin for the beach...

Huuuuge lemons!

The feast!

We then spent the afternoon enjoying the sea :)


Our place is the pink one on the left side, the floor right before the building is yellow.

Hot Rock sunning

The look like teeny-boppers!

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