Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Italy - Day 12 (Amalfi)

Corey and I both managed a run this morning (not together of course) scoping out restaurants and nearby Atrani.  We then rented a boat for the day...

A view of our place from the water.

I would not the place built over the cave!

Approaching La Tonnarella for lunch.

Some kids playing under the dock.

Lily, Caden and Gia watching a little boy fish with a piece of string, hook, and bread he balled up to put on the hook.  We asked him what he was catching, but neither of us could speak the other's language.

Picking which fish we wanted for lunch.

Love this!

The best calamari we have ever had.  Hands down.  Bruschetta was delish too.

Gigi's efficient noodle eating :)

Our fish prepared house-style with tomatoes, black olives, and capers. Yummm!

Caden excitedly brought this to the table announcing, "I caught a clam!"  - which was really a mussel.  I feigned a look of amazement as I teased him about the fact that "catching" a mollusk that doesn't move was very impressive.

These two little swimmers are always game to play in the water.  I wonder if they will always be swimming pals? 

Crab hunting


Enjoying the waves lapping in.

Reminds me of Caden's pet crab from Australia.

Taking our 'restaurant taxi' back to our boat.

Seas are getting rougher, as evidenced by the splashes on the lens.  Our spotters have found Positano.  Next stop!

Watching an artist paint the coastline.

Our boat driver Gilio (aka Lily)

The seas became increasingly rough, which made for a grumpy crew.  We were getting tossed about as we pounded against the waves.  Gia was screaming for daddy to slow down, Caden, who was riding the bull, bit his lip, and Lily joined in for the "grumpy selfie" was enjoying the ride :)

The injury up close.

Home-sweet-home - notice the white caps.

Caden's drawing of our boat

Caden's drawing of what he caught at the beach

We decided to hang out at the beach for a bit and take a swim.

Cuteness 1

Cuteness 2

Another culinary highlight!
 The walk back.  I cannot seem to snap enough photos of the beautiful walkways we traverse to and from the piazza.  So cool the little residences tucked throughout the winding maze of staircases!

My Lily Bug

Caden's rendering...

Lily's Rendering and write up below

Cuteness 3

The final staircase to our apartment.

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