Saturday, June 20, 2015

Italy - Day 9 (Capri)

Alicia and I headed into town for groceries this morning.  The fruits and veggies are set up like an open deli counter without numbers.  You are at the mercy of the two men rushing around behind the mounds of fruits and veg to wait on you, weigh your purchase, and hand you back your bagged and labeled items.  Thankfully I was next to the sweetest Italian lady today who redirected my purchases to the most amazing tomatoes I have ever tasted, and aided my request for a cucumber and helped direct my quantity of cherries.

Next we rented a boat to explore the island.  We checked out the grottos, searched for the blue lizard (to no avail) and swam from the boat.  Such fun!

Our house is the white one highest up on the far right.

One of these two boats belongs to Dan Blizerian the "the most interesting man in the world" (  Rodney and Molly ran into him and Ms. California the night before.  Thankfully it wasn't Alicia and I or we still might be on his yacht sipping champagne! :)

 Nothing quite like a swim off the boat in the Mediterranean's Turrhenian Sea!  The water was the perfect temperature.

 Lily did swim but had just gotten out and could not be bribed for a re-entry.

One of the beaches.

LOVE this photo!

Once back to shore we played at the beach for a bit...  so interesting.  We loved watching this group of ladies snack on cherries and laugh together.  You can tell they have been friends for a long time.  The kids tried to catch crabs.

After a bit, we took a taxi back up to Capri, had our gelato, and then walked back to the house for swimming :) and packing :(

I had to get some pics of Gia making the long hike up on our own.  She has come a long way in her ability to cover long distances by foot!  Actually, we all have with this house!

Our house...
The street 
The final set of stairs

Our house

We then enjoyed a magnificent dinner of truffle pasta, caprese with those tomatoes, and a bit too much wine!

Corey, Caden, Molly, and I headed down for gelato, and a hopes to see Dan B., admiring the bright stars in the sky as went.  

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