Saturday, June 27, 2015

Italy - Day 15 (Amalfi)

Today was a lazy summer day in Italy.  We played games, drew in journals, watched movies, did laundry, which is always charmingly hung from a line in Italy, and ate all meals at home.  The kids did a fashion show and had a contest to see who could me make the healthiest and prettiest frozen treat, which involved peaches, bananas, cherries, milk, peanut butter, and Nutella of course :)

In the afternoon we went to the beach, snacked on cherries and Corey and I played Blokus.  We all swam and the kids caught shellfish.  It was first zero expense day since being in Italy!  Woohoo!

Yes, those are plum teeth

Caden's pet 'Crabby' - although he had a rather sunny disposition
Big excitement came when Lily accidentally tossed my swimsuit top - my favorite swimsuit of all time that I bought at the little swimsuit boutique on George Street in Australia - over the side of the balcony.  It nearly floated down to the road, but managed to snag in a dead bush, suspending it out from the cliff about 40 feet above the road.  The swimsuit saga began...

While we had all sorts of ideas to get it out, the distance from the road and the network of balconies, and the fact that it was directly over the road limited our options.  I was devastated.
The little gray dot in the twigs is my suit.

Corey headed down with a broom to see if he could reach it...
Not even close '_'

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