Friday, November 22, 2013

Kidder Visit - Day 5

Lily and Caden went to school Friday, as they have the entire next week off for an educational experience in Margaret River :)  Corey, Scott, Gia and Clayton drove the kids to school, and Micki, Grace Ann, Ben in the yellow jogger, and I ran to Cottesloe.  Beautiful run as usual and Grace Ann's first 5 miler.  Woohoo!
The route
Indiana Tea House is the destination - water stop, play area other side, and fantastic coffee shop across the street

We headed right to the cafe for a coffee, then a play at the play area before meeting up with our ride home.

After a quick swim, we headed into the Fremantle markets for a little shopping.

Next we enjoyed some snacks and drinks at The Monk Brewery.  Beautiful sunny afternoon enjoying their beers made on premise.  The winning drink was Corey's pear/mango cider however.  And the winning move was from Clayton, who was strong enough to pick up Scott's Go-Pro camera, wing it across the table, and shave the tops off of two glasses!  Clayton is destined to be an athlete.
The aftermath :)

Really.  Another photo mom?!?

Micki, Grace Ann and I then walked over to the J Shed to visit the studio named Beau Est Mien of an artist I have fallen in love with - Magali Dincher.  She makes the most amazing prints and designs depicting many things, but I love her renderings of Fremantle.  We enjoyed visiting with Magali while the rest of the group went to pick up Lily and Caden from school, and then we each left with one of her amazing works.

Magali's studio overlooking Bathers Beach

The evening was spent swimming, the recently procured boomerangs and our favorite Indian food from Mother India.  Another great day!

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