Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kidder Visit - Day 6

 The Alexanders are due to arrive today so we decided to do our Perth adventures the first half of the day before meeting them at the airport.  We kicked off the morning with Gordon Street Garage - where we received a $120 ticket for forgetting to buy a parking ticket coupled with parking in a service car area.  Both complete oversights and very frustrating!

Next we headed into downtown to a Christmas market.  So hard to embrace the fact that it is really Christmas time, but this market really helped to get us in the mood a bit more.  Although. after the pricey ticket, I decided to spend my time singing with hat in hand for tips.  Now all readers will understand why they are not getting a gift from me this year! :)

Next stop was Kings Park.  After much discussion among Corey and I as to the size of Kings Park vs. Central Park, I am happy to report that Kings Park is larger.  And very happy to say that we were able to visit all three of the core play areas this morning!

We started at Synergy Park, complete with little island and large dinosaur statues for climbing on.  Island was not accessible this day, but it did not deter the fun of our group!

Despite all of the fun play stuff, baby ducks were a big draw!


We then headed 1.5km up the hill to the DNA Tower.  Pretty hot, but all made it with minimal whining.  Even me! :)

Love this shot of girlfriends walking along together.
And this one too - although a bit more burdened :)
Scott snapped this shot saying this would be same shot many years down the road.

Ben promised to never miss curfew in his teens for this ride.

Grace Ann waiting "patiently" - or trying to make the most of the sporadic breeze.

DNA Tower

Where we walked from...

Great map showing the distance to various places.

Enjoying the view

Getting ready for the 'hat drop' 

Next on to the Women's Memorial and Botanical Gardens...
One of the interesting flowers that looks a bit too much like a spider.
We first enjoyed a stroll by the fountain
 As the fountain height changes, so does the amount of spray!  They boys loved it!

We strolled through the botanical and over the Lotterywest Federation suspended walkway.  The bridge is 620 meters long and elevated 52 meters above the ground.  It is much less daunting when you are actually on it!
This photo and the two following are from the website.

My gorgeous photo-ready friend :)

Ride with a view

Some of the beautiful birds flying about

Beautiful Perth

Love this photo!

Couldn't you just eat him up!  So sweet!
And him too :)

Paparazzi of the park
 We then ventured to our final play area with a quick rest at the Sticky Beak Cafe.

Our little monkeys


 Off to the airport to pick up the Alexenders!  They needed some love'n after thinking they were embarking on a 24-hour journey to get there, then realizing while in the midst of their travel that they were actually looking at 37 hours all in!

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