Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kidder Visit - Day 2

Lily and Caden headed off to school, as they are scheduled to miss quite a few days coming up.  The rest of us decided to run and bike the river to Zephyrs Cafe.  Gorgeous morning!  Grace did a great job biking the whole way.  We played a bit and had a coffee before running/riding back home for a quick swim.

[pic to follow]

Ben, swimming like a pro with our mismatched floaties

Sweet Clayton keeping the pool organized
Gi-Gi in her glory!

Corey and Gia then headed off with the crew to Caversham Wildlife Park and Swan Valley.  I stayed back to pick up those school kids...

Gorgeous Kidder clan + an exposed wombat
Who knew hats could look so good!

So love this little friendship...

Yo.  Wassup?

Clayton loves all animals and was fearless/aggressive with the 'roos.

Snake love

Koala cuddles

Gia loves on any Kidder boy :)

Makes me laugh out loud.  This exchange was followed by a series of high-fives.

Next stop, Swan Valley for some wine tasting...

Cheers!  Notice that all five - even the young lady pouring the wine for Lancaster - are drinking :)

I'll take two of these special shiipments!


Successful visit!

 Next stop was the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.
Ben's pretty happy...

Scott's REALLY happy

 Kids loaded up and a home we go...

We headed to Boatshed Markets in Cottesloe for some takeout before picnicing at Cottesloe Beach.  Our Ozzy friends the Potters joined us too.  Fabulous time!  Great friends, great food, and gorgeous sunset.

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