Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kidders leave for Sydney / Alexanders - Day 5

The Kidders had an early flight out of Perth, so were on the road about 4am.   The rest of us had a leisurely morning at the house before heading to Redgate Beach.  Below are a few pics of the house, and the sleepy inhabitants, that Molly captured that morning.

Kids' floor

Big and small kids :)

Approaching Redgate beach.  Stunning views everywhere you turn!

The kids walked along the rocks exploring the tidal pools.

Great shot!

Rodney and a couple of his favorite 7 year olds

This kid is so darn photogenic!

You can almost hear the "Carrrrrry meeeeee"

Cutie pies!
Next up was a drive through the Kari Forrest.

Some of the beautiful birds we passed along the way.

Driving into the forest

Stopping to make a bet


 We next headed back into the town of Margaret River to tick off another venue highlighted in the beautiful Margaret River book Rod and Alicia gave us - Chows.  We decided to pick up Chows to take to Preveley Beach to enjoy the sunset.  Along the way we stopped to admire the scenery and the roos.
 Just horses in these two pics...

I hope these mommy roos get some type of extra compensation for lugging around babies this big!

This one could be a post card

The sunset at Prevely Beach.

Fast asleep on the way home

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