Monday, November 18, 2013

Kidder Visit Day 1

The Kidder's arrived late morning and were off an running!  We headed home for a little refresher before setting out on a walk to pick up the kids from school
Strawberries and coconut milk to keep everyone energized.
 We picked up Caden first and he greeted Micki with the biggest hug!  Lily's class was out on a field trip and arrived back about 30 minutes late.  The anticipation for them both was terrible!  Once united, you couldn't imagine two happier girls!

We brought along the shirt Grace had sent her in advance of her Lily could change from her uniform.  Check out these little twinkies (complete with Lily's aboriginal face painting).

We walked in to Fremantle to enjoy our favorite Fremantle brewery, Little Creatures.  Grace gave Lily a card that was signed by her classmates at St. Joe.  So sweet!

Oh my, we are going to have some trouble in later years with these cool chicks!
Scott and Micki, enjoying the brew.
Not sure what's going on here, other than a whole lot of joy at just being together.
 Next we took a stroll along the docks... and a run.

Grace Ann
Strolling along the Esplanade, playing with the pine cone snakes
We strolled up Cappucino Strip and stopped from churros at the chocolateria.


We hustled over to the bus stop for a quick return home.

Bus/train station
Scott's still smiling!

Sweet little Clayton hanging on despite the time difference.  

Lily and Grace going strong.

Nearly there.  Fighting back the mind-numbing tiredness
These two cuties were having a grand time on the bus. 
  You can also read their minds, "We weren't doing anything wrong"!

At home in jammies...working on Ben's new puzzle.

All ready for bed.
 Scott captured the photo of our chaotic 'power station' :)

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