Monday, November 18, 2013

Kidders are here!!!

The Kidder crew arrived - Scott, Micki, Grace, Ben, Clayton and sweet Grace Ann - looking more refreshed than one has a right to after a 37 hour trip!  Especially with three little kids!  So wonderful to have them all here.

No surprise to anyone that they were ready to hit the ground running.  We had a quick snack and swim once back at our house, showers for all, and then walked up to the school to pick up Lily and Caden before continuing on into Fremantle for an evening of Little Creatures.

Next we went to the Choclatiera for churros before hopping a bus for home.

One more swim before bed and then lights out at 8.  They are doing great with the time adjustment!  And funny enough, here I am the one up at 1:30 am.  Just excited to have them here I guess :)

Will post some pics in the am.

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