Friday, November 08, 2013

Hot weather in Freo

A pretty hot week this week.  We swam every day - which was made all the more enjoyable when viewing pictures of snow we would be in if we weren't here right now! (sorry for those of you in the snow).

Tuesday Gia headed to Port Lodge to spend a few hours with Colleen.  When I picked her up she was snuggled into the top bunk of Colleen's bed :)  I think my shattered iPhone may really be gone for good now.  Not seen since Tuesday '_'

Gia dressed for her day at the beach with Colleen.
After school Lily had a playdate with Mimm, then we had the Potter's over for dinner. 

Lily, Cooper, Caden, Daisy and Gia
Thursday night our old friend Dan from Napoleon's Cafe back in '97, and his family came over for dinner.  Here are the kids hanging out.
Alexander, Lily, Gia and Caden
Friday Caden was awarded another achievement certificate at assembly!  Go Caden!
Caden was awarded another certificate for his, "Excellent drawing and detail of the Christmas Story" :)  That's my boy!

Caden sitting with classmates

Gia playing around the school garden with two of her gal-pals - Ella and Daisy

 Lily received a perfect score on her last spelling test to earn herself a pool party.  She invited a few of her best girlfriends from grade 2 to come home with us after school Friday for a pool party.  Very hot day today, about 100 F - so they swam non-stop, except for stopping for pizza, a sundae bar, and nail painting.  As they left, Lily gave them each a self-addressed and stamped envelop so to easily exchange letters once home.  Sweet Mimm and Kipp (brother and sister) stayed for a slumber party :)

Pizza table - and eventually the nail salon table as the party progressed

Hope surrounded by Lilys doing a swimming "routine"

Nina, Mimm and Lily

Caden, Kipp, Mimm and Lily

L-R - Kipp, Caden, Nina, Mimm, Lily H., Hope and Lily

Our little monkey in the tree with her friends at the 'cubby'

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