Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alexanders - Day 2

The Kidders left early to get an extra day in Margaret River and Alicia and I headed out on one of my favorite runs where we head straight up the hills towards the river, then meander down and run back along the river path.  So wonderful to share it with a great friend :)  The boys held down the home front with some swimming and boomerang throwing.
The net ball courts just up the road from our house

Watch out!

I know she looks cute, but she has a deadly arm!

Cute girls

Another one you wouldn't want to mess with
Alicia and I decided to do a quick run up to 9 Seeds to procure some coffees.  She hadn't drove their rental car yet, so we ventured out - and she immediately went to the wrong (or right?) side of the road.  As I'm emphatically telling her to get over to the left, we had to just stop and wait for some cars to pass - one of which happened to be our friend Martyn.  One of the best lines of the trip was when Martyn rolled down his window, with his little 3-year old Daisy sitting next to him upfront, and said in his British accent, "what - is that an American driving?".   It was hysterical.

We ended up making it 9 Seeds without swiping any cars, but it was a bit close at times :)

We then headed into Fremantle to do the markets, squeezing into one car.

Alexander's and Caden in the markets

Hat shopping for Abby and Lily

Only a stuffed dog

Boomerang shopping again
 Then came another highlight of the trip!  While I am continually anxious about dropping coins, particularly the $2 coins, and having them roll into a grate, this takes the cake!  We are walking out of the markets by the puzzle stall when Rodney drops his wallet.  The money clip opens and $1200 U.S. dollars fall into the grate!  It was CRAZY!  Luckily Alicia had her wits about her to snap a photo :)  We tried fishing it out, tugged at the grate a bit - but were convinced it was attached, then a guy came over and hoisted the grate up for us so Rod could pull out his wad of bills.  As we thanked him profusely he responded, "That was a lot of money!  What kind is it?" :)

 While all of the drama was going on with the money retrieval, the kids were happily entranced with one of the many street performers of the markets.

Next up, Monk Brewery!  There is a clear pattern emerging here :)  So many restaurants are geared towards kids.  Here they place butcher block paper down so the kids can draw away.

What a line up of cuties!  

Tired out, they all fell fast asleep.
Riley loves looking after Gia, and Gia could not be happier about it!

Lily's taking this trick on the road

Our shoeless Australian girl looking across the street in downtown Freo
 Next stop was the fairy princess shop.  Lily had been once before with her friend Hope when we first arrived, but for the rest of us, this was our first time to the enchanted store.  Gia loved it!

We then swung over to the J Shed, but they had closed at 4.  We headed out the pier and were fortunate to see a dolphin playing at the mouth of the swan river, right up close to shore.

Next our eating tour, or rather, our Fremantle tour - which kind-of is an eating tour took us to Little Creatures.  It was a cool evening, so we opted to sit inside.

Better not to ask on this one, but yes, that is my sweater he's wearing.

Can you see our crew sitting in the center on the first floor?

Free marketing as Little Creatures let's you check out a bike at no charge to tool about the city.

Their lounge area

The coveted beer chart

Next up - Cottesloe we went to put the sun to bed and get it ready to rise over our friends and family back home.


Another great day!

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