Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 1 - Alexanders

After our afternoon at Kings Park we headed to the airport to meet the Alexanders.  We kicked off the evening by opening bubbles.

 Then the kids spent the next couple of hours in the pool.

Abby and Molly


To ensure everyone had a place to sleep, we borrowed our friend Nancy's tent.  Clayton and Gia had a blast rolling around in here!

Love this photo and the one below that Micki captured of Gia

Cubby was loved by all.  Here is monkey Abby and Riley

And the full troupe of monkeys!
We organized a fresh fish delivery through our friend Dani McKenna of King Snapper.  Here my tan grill master creates our feast!  Also included is pumpkin, sweet potato, asparagus, and a smoked salmon salad...and wine of course :)  Dessert was dark chocolate with sea salt and apple caramel cake with ice cream.  Yum!

The kids fast of fish, fruit and pizza

Getting ready for bed

We found a scary bedtime monster!
Micki, Grace, Lily and me slept in the tent.  I loved it!  Reminiscent of backpacking days.  All up early to watch ND.  Go Irish!

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