Monday, November 04, 2013

Dunsborough Weekend

We left midday Friday to head to Dunsborough to spend the weekend at the property we bid on at the East Fremantle's Quiz Night.  We could not book a consecutive week, so decided to do a weekend with our table mates (Potters and Hawkins who have kids that align perfectly with our crew), and then the weekdays with the Kidders and Alexanders when they visit later this month.  The property was beautiful!  Each couple had their own master bedroom and kids had the whole bottom floor.

The kids hangout

The Potters arrived in time for dinner, bringing a ton of food.  We enjoyed the typical Australian 'sausage sizzle' and some drinks.  Hawkins arrived a little after 9p.

The kids were up around 5am and hit the pool when it opened at 8.  Emma and I enjoyed a beautiful coastal hike where we saw all kinds of lizards and other interesting creatures.  We had egg and bacon sandwiches on the grill afterwards (love all the grilling), followed by the afternoon at the beach.
Enjoying the beach on Geographe Bay a short walk from our house.

Caden uncovering a crab carcass.  You'd think it was a $100 bill!

Showing off the findings

Our pretty little Aussie

Martin going out for a kite surf

Gia and Daisy enjoying the beach


Kite/beach tent for the boys

After our beach time, we headed into Margaret River and had a great lunch at the Cheeky Monkey brewery.  Funny enough my good running pal Rachel and her family was there too with another great area family.  There was a live band that was pretty good, making it a perfect afternoon.  

We followed it up with a visit to Simmos for some delicious icecream.

Waiting patiently to arrive at Simmos for ice cream

Caden deep asleep, no doubt dreaming about what flavor he will pick

An evening swim - we were joined by Georgia, a cute little girl in Caden and Cooper's class.  Her family owns the unit we bid on.

Gia is puttering all around the pool down with her life jacket on.  This is the day before both she and Daisy decided they could probably swim without their floaties too, resulting in my jumping in to the pool shoes, jeans, sweater and all '_'

Why sunscreen matters.  Poor Will didn't take his mom's instructions the beach earlier in the day.
Sunday began with another early start.  The kids enjoyed more pool time before the Hawkins had to head out for home, and the girls (plus Brian) enjoyed a couple glasses of wine :)

Michelle and Brian
Hanging out

I love these shots of the girls dancing in the sunlight/

Emma and Daisy - post nap

Gia and Corey - post nap
After the Hawkins left, we decided to head into Margaret River to visit the Laurance winery.  Our wine pourer was American - which Corey and I didn't even notice.  It took the recognition from our Australian friends!  We had the perfect, sunny afternoon of great wine, great food, and beautiful scenery.

Kids visiting the rows of grapes

Gia and Daisy

Lily posing as the gold statue poised to dive into the lake.  The sculpture represents a woman diving into a new beginning.

Gorgeous rose garden.
Beautiful bottles.  The Rose was my favorite.

Our Lily exhausted after her Lily left, fell asleep right at the table.
 The Potters left early Monday and we walked into town for the best pancakes ever!  Raspberry with passion fruit cream.  Yum!
The view from our balcony of the sun coming up

The painting I am coveting
We headed to Bunkers Bay to enjoy the wonderful afternoon at the beach...
View to our right

View to our left

Playing in the waves :)

How will this girl get by without the beach in a few months?

Maybe our next house?!? 

So sweet

We headed back into Donsborough for sushi, which Caden "loves" before driving home to Freo to play in the pool.

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