Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kidder Visit - Day 4

We awoke to a calm, windless morning.  We decided to do a pre-breakfast bike ride that ended with my tire exploding, resulting in a miserable ride back on Lily's little bike while she grumpily rode Caden's bike, complaining that it just wasn't fair that I had to go and break my bike forcing her to not be able to ride her purple bike.  Grrrr...  Thankfully the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was a delicious breakfast at Dome.

We returned our bikes and decided to take the Rottnest bus to Salmon Bay for some more snorkeling before taking our 4:30pm ferry.

Salmon Bay

Better not to ask.


Our fearless shell hunters...

Clayton was ready to head out with the bigger kids, so who can blame him for this pout!

Preview here - next we will be crowd funding this invention.

Our makeshift sleeping tent - that we all wanted a turn in.

Beautiful day when the only other people on the beach happen to have a bottle opener that extends from their iPhone case!?!  As Corey said, 'I gotta get that app!'

One of the top 3 cutest couples on the beach... :)

Like mothers - Like Daughters.  Or is it, Like Daughters - Like Mothers...

Here we had to make an exception.

The dad's turn...

Sand art from our master sand artist.
Cheers, cheers for old Notre Dame :)

A long and tiring day left our dynamic blonde haired duo asleep withing seconds of the bus trip back to the boat.

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