Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kidder Visit - Day 3

We headed to Rottnext for the night.  We checked into Hotel Rottnest, dropped off our luggage, and checked out some bikes and snorkel gear.  We nearly didn't have to stop for lunch with the immense availability of flies to eat as we rode, but we headed to a little cafe a few miles away regardless.

Lily, Grace and Caden

Caden biking along

Gia and Ben sharing a ride

After lunch we headed to one of the many gorgeous beaches.
Flies were pretty bad.  Corey's makeshift fly net made from the snorkel bags
 We all enjoyed some beautiful beach time.

The drinking age is much younger in Australia than the U.S.

Ben has it figured out!

The new towel trick we recently learned to look more exotic, and keep the sun off your shoulders.

Corey and Scott preparing to wrestle some sharks.

Clayton and me, ready to jump in and rescue any and all who might need it.  Just after we finish this glass of Red Gate SBS from Margaret River :)

There's my mate to help me.  Cheers!

The snorkeler and his barnacle

Snorkeling and some fun in the sun.

Enjoying some quality time with the island natives.
Petting one of the many friendly and begging island kuakas

We biked back to the hotel and enjoyed some wine (yikes - as I type this, I am really sensing a theme that will keep getting worse as I post on our adventures with our hardy visitors) and cheese on the beach.  Kids swam, played some games, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Our hotel

Lily and Grace look so mature playing Blokus at the beach

The day ended with Micki's 2 hour conference call at 1am in the restroom - and me wandering the island at 2am looking for her to convince her to do midnight bike ride once she finished up (I am still dealing with the sympathy jet lag).  Sadly, we didn't connect until morning.  But we did get to experience an amazing wind blowing across the island and an eerie number of kuakas. 

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