Friday, November 29, 2013

Alexanders Day 6

Alexander’s were hoping to make an early departure to head to Rottnest.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating, so they never did make it to Rotto.  We had our first rainy day in some time.  While they packed up, Lily and I headed for a little kayak, but the conditions were less than ideal!  Next we took her school work to Zen Art Café so she could get THE pancakes.  We are becoming Zen Art Café groupies!   We returned back, packed up, dealt with some of my goodbye tears for M. River, and headed home – after a quick stop at the yoga place for shirt I have been coveting and a flat white to sip on the drive home.  We were back in Freo by 4, Alexanders about 5.  Alicia and I took a stroll up George Street, and then we headed home to help the Alexander’s get packed up for their Saturday departure to Cairns.

Lily made a map to help us find our way back

We were delighted to find a package on our doorstep when we arrived home from our sweet friend the Swansons.  A little something for everyone to help with our travels home :)

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